Wu Short Form Tai Chi: Less is More

Movements in this form flow smoothly and steadily to maximize the generation of internal energy, as well as the release of tension.

Because it’s a small frame style, you won’t need a lot of room for your practice.

The form can be done in approximately 3 minutes, but with a slower tempo, you may need about 20 minutes to complete the form. A slower pace is more conducive for meditative and stress relief benefits. Practice at your ‘normal’ speed, and then try to slow it down, while still feeling the connection between the postures.

Wu Short Form Video. Watch a video of Bruce Frantzis demonstrating the Wu Short Form here.

Moves. The moves in a Wu Short form are listed below:

1. Commencement

2. Raise Hands

3. Play the Lute

4. Grasp Sparrow’s Tail

5. Single Whip

bruce beach single whip
6. Diagonal Flying and Hold Ball

7. Yin Release and Shoulder Stroke

8. Elbow Strike and Wrist Strike

9. White Crane Spreads Wings

10. Brush Knee and Twist Step

11. Needle at Sea Bottom

12. Fan Through the Back

13. Turn and Chop With Back of Fist

14. Parry and Punch

15. Close Up and Step Forward

16. Tiger and Leopard Spring to Mountain

17. Closing

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