Tai Chi Workshops

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Imagine flowing through tai chi moves on the Great Wall of China—a beautiful image and more than just an impossible dream, with the help of retreat and travel organizers.

Or, how about a retreat in Bali, with tai chi instruction on the white sand and with turquoise blue ocean waters in the background?

Tai Chi Vacation Packages. Some workshops offer the opportunity to relax in exotic locations while learning tai chi. Such tai chi vacation packages are becoming more popular, as awareness of tai chi grows in the West.

Do some research beforehand. Before packing your bags, be sure to check out the instructors and organizers in advance. Make sure the hours for tai chi and level of teaching are in line with your expectations. Talking with attendees from previous years can be another way to find out if the trip is appropriate for your situation.

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Tai Chi Focused Workshops. You can also find more focused workshops in perhaps less exotic settings, such as neighborhood community centers or retreat facilities. If over multiple days, many will even help with accommodation arrangements.

Some programs offer a deep dive into the subject, with over 5 hours of tai chi instruction and group practice each day. These may be focused on specific aspects of tai chi, such as push-hands, learning a sword form, or practicing tai chi for meditation. You can expect to receive a lot of feedback on ways to improve your practice.

Others may be much lighter, with fewer hours of instruction and more personal free time.

As with tour packages, you’ll find that workshops, seminars, and retreats will range in expense and can be luxurious or spartan, and with high-quality teachings or less-useful instruction.

Again, do some research beforehand, to avoid on-site surprises.

Advantages of Workshops. Sometimes, attending a weekly class just isn’t possible. Or, you’re simply ready for a deeper dive into the material. Workshops provide a way to focus on tai chi without the normal distractions of life. The format allows material to be covered in a different way than in 1-2 hour classes.

A lot of material can be covered in tai chi workshops and it may be difficult to retain these teachings a few weeks later. Do what you can, to keep these discoveries alive in your tai chi form.

Regardless of whether it’s a no-frills workshop or a luxury, spa-type retreat, you’ll likely make discoveries that will deepen your tai chi practice.

Take advantage of opportunities to enjoy tai chi workshops and retreats.

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