Setup Your Tai Chi Workout Location

Location, Location, Location. This is the mantra for selecting the right store-front, for building the perfect business. It also applies for building your personal tai chi practice.

Start by building your personal tai chi gym. Fortunately, this doesn’t require anything more than a bit of floor space. No expensive, bulky workout machines needed.

A regular tai chi practice time goes hand in hand with having a regular practice space. If you’ll be practicing in your home, scout through it to find The Place. Make it a part of your personal workout gym or home spa.


Use Fixed Reference Points. By practicing in the same place, you’ll be able to use fixed reference points when learning a form. This is helpful when learning the moves and direction changes in a set.

Maybe you’ll always want to start in the center of the living room, facing out the window. While going through the form, you can check that you’re facing the door after, say, the first Part the Horse’s Mane move, and haven’t turned too far to face the corner.

You can check, confirm, or if necessary, correct your position each time after taking a step.

And at the end of the form, you can easily see if you’re back to where you’d started.

Establishing your tai chi workout space makes it easier to jump into a workout. Practicing in the same place can provide useful cues when learning a tai chi form. Take advantage of your home tai chi gym.

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