Getting the Most Out of Your Tai Chi Workout

Learning tai chi doesn’t just involve reading about it in books or websites, or watching DVDs. All of these can help to deepen your knowledge of tai chi, but ultimately, the principles of tai chi have to be in your body. This means doing tai chi, regularly.
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Even if you’re taking a class, its best to supplement it with your own daily tai chi workout.

Here are some strategies for establishing your tai chi workout routine, and how to best structure your workout:

• Practice several times a week, at the same time of day. Try to aim for workout sessions of 20 minutes or more. Make this your regular tai chi workout routine.

• Establish a place for your tai chi workout.

• Structure your tai chi workout with warm up exercises, form repetitions, and closing exercises.

• Wear comfortable clothes.

Set a regular practice time. Everyone has a number of competing demands on their time. The thought of adding another component to an already filled day may be daunting. But, establishing a regular tai chi practice is the best way to start gaining its health and stress control benefits.

Practice at least several times a week. A daily practice of tai chi is recommended, but you can start with sessions several times during the week. Find a time that works for your schedule and set a regular practice time.

Make your workouts 20+ minutes. Once you’ve established your practice time, try to spend at least 20 minutes in your workout. This is the minimal amount of time needed for the blood to completely circulate throughout your body.

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Set your workout location. Make it a habit to practice in the same place, from the same starting point. The fixed reference points will make it easier for your to learn and to execute the form correctly.

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Maximize your workout content. Now that you’ve established a workout routine and location, focus on getting the most out of your workout.

Its best to structure your workout with warm up exercises, several repetitions of your tai chi form—best done without significant pauses-- and methods for storing energy. Read here for more about strategies to structure your tai chi workout.

Tai Chi Clothes. Many beginners have questions about the appropriate clothes for their tai chi practice. The best are simply those that are comfortable and allow you to easily execute the moves. Read more about tai chi clothing, tai chi uniforms, and tai chi shoes here.

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