Tai Chi for Beginners: Getting the Most Out of This Site


This site is designed for anyone curious about tai chi. Find out more about a beginner's mind for tai chi here.

If you’re a first time visitor, here're some tips for getting the most out of this site.

Start with the Tai Chi Essentials. Think of it as an overview or a crash course in tai chi. It’s worthwhile to spend a few minutes going through these pages in order, before exploring the rest of the site. Click here to go immediately to the Tai Chi Essentials: What is Tai Chi.

Quick overview of Tai Chi Essentials. In the next few pages, you’ll learn What is Tai Chi..

After seeing some of the tai chi photos, you may find yourself wondering why people do tai chi. This is explained in the section on Tai Chi Benefits..

Then there’s the topic of how one actually does tai chi. There are major styles or lineages of tai chi, as explained in the Tai Chi Styles section.

Each style includes a number of specific Tai Chi Forms , which can be broken down into individual Tai Chi Movements.

In your own tai chi practice, you’ll want to start with some Tai Chi Warm Ups or Exercises.

Learning Strategies and Tips to get the most out of your tai chi practice are also included.

You’ll find other tips for structuring your tai chi workout as well.

You’ll also have the opportunity to watch some Tai Chi Videos.

A class is the easiest and fastest way to get started, and there’ll be suggestions on finding a tai chi class.

After going through the Tai Chi Essentials—in order, hopefully--you may have found the information you needed. If not, or if you’re wanting to learn more, additional details about each of these subjects is included in this website.

On to the Tai Chi Essentials: What is Tai Chi.