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Beginners tai chi is a resource for new students of tai chi who want to find out what the fastest and most effective tai chi techniques and strategies to learn tai chi.

As a beginner learning tai chi, there are countless online and offline tai chi article, tai chi resources and tai chi classes that can help you on this most important journey.

I remember when I learned tai chi way back in 1968 in New York City. This was the time when tai chi was not very well known in the west. There were only a handful of tai chi masters teaching.

My friend told me about a tai chi master named William Chen. At the time I was heavily into external martial arts such as jujitsu, karate and aikido.

I went to William Chen's class only once, greatly missing the value of tai chi for internal power and also for health.

However, much later tai chi proved to be very important as I went through a series of debilitating car accidents, 8 to be exact. I also turned to tai chi for internal illness. Lastly I credit tai chi for reversing much of the damange that I caused my body in Marial Arts.

Whatever reason you are taking up tai chi, for health, wellness, fighting applications or just general interest, beginners tai chi is a compilation of all the knowledge I wish someone had shared with me when I was younger.

So please browse through this site, it contains tai chi videos, explanations of the major tai chi styles, links to instructors and links to what I think are the best tai chi DVDs and tai chi training products on the planet.

Beginners tai chi is written as a resource for you.

Be good,

Bruce FrantzisTaoist Tai Chi Master and Lineage Holder

Tai Chi for Beginners
This page is the starting point to learn tai chi for beginners
What Is Tai Chi--For Beginners
A clear guide of what is tai chi for beginners. Description of history, philosophy, and the movements of tai chi.
Tai Chi Benefits for Beginners: The Rewards of a Tai Chi Practice
Tai chi benefits for begnners include improved health, balance, and better stress management. Details of these benefits and others are discussed.
Tai Chi Styles for Beginners: An Overview
Read about the major tai chi styles and their distinguishing features.
Tai Chi Forms for Beginners: What's Best
The best tai chi forms for beginners are short, openhanded forms. Read why and more suggestions here.
Understanding Tai Chi Moves
Learn how to assess tai chi moves, to understand the energy flow and applications.
Learn Tai Chi: Strategies for Beginners
Here are concrete strategies to learn tai chi for beginners. Read tips for learning tai chi movements, and practicing tai chi for health, stress management, or as a martial art.
Tai Chi Exercises for Beginners: Warm Ups for Your Tai Chi Practice
Tai chi exercises or warm ups are a good way to start your tai chi workout session. Learn how to do specific tai chi exercises here, including weight shifts, circling hands, and standing.
How to Learn Tai Chi Moves: Strategies and Tips
Learning tai chi moves can be challenging. Simple techniques such as visualizations plus, freeze-frame, and others can make learning the moves of tai chi much easier for beginners.
Tai Chi Workout for Beginners: Getting the Most Out of It
Tai chi workout for beginners tips are here. Find out how to get started, including practice times, practice length, frequency, and what to practice.
Beginners Tai Chi Resources
Jump start your tai chi practice with information on finding classes, choosing instructors, dvds, workshops, and more. Find out about important resources for tai chi beginners.
Yang Tai Chi: The Most Popular Style
The Yang style of tai chi is the most popular in the world. Read why here. Find out more about the Yang style.
Tai Chi Chuan, the Great Ultimate Fighting Art
Tai chi isn't just about slow movements. It originated as a martial art and can be practiced for more than just health.
Tai Chi Push Hands Exercises: A Way to Improve Your Tai Chi
The Push Hands exercise is useful tool to work with the energies of tai chi. Working with a training partner gives you immediate feedback about your tai chi. Here're some ways to approach push hands
Sorting Through Tai Chi Classes: Tips for Beginners
Tai chi classes vary widely in quality and cost. Read some tips on finding a good tai chi class.
Tai Chi Workshops
Tai chi workshops can range from relaxing vacations to boot camp like experiences. Find the perfect one for your tai chi practice.
A Tai Chi Dictionary: Quick Guide to Some Foreign Terms
Fundamental concepts in tai chi are often explained using the original Chinese words. The most common are translated and explained here, in this short tai chi dictionary, such as kwa, qi, tantien.
Learn Tai Chi For Martial Arts
To learn tai chi for martial arts, you'll need training in 7 different areas. Read about these stages in training tai chi as a fighting art.
Tai Chi Move: Single Whip
Every tai chi movement can be assessed in terms of its energy flow and application. Read details about the tai chi move single whip.
Tai Chi Essentials: What Is Tai Chi
Find out what is tai chi. This may be especially useful for beginners or those thinking of starting tai chi.
Tai Chi Essentials: Tai Chi Benefits
Read about the key tai chi benefits and reasons to start or to deepen your tai chi practice.
Tai Chi Essentials: Tai Chi Styles
Find out more about the different tai chi styles. Read about the Chen, Yang, Wu, and other styles.
Tai Chi Essentials: Tai Chi Forms
Each tai chi style or lineage has its own tai chi forms. Learn more about these here.
Tai Chi Essentials: Tai Chi Movements
Tai chi forms can be broken down into separate tai chi movements. Each movement has a specific application or energy function.
Tai Chi Essentials: Tai Chi Exercises
Tai chi exercises and warm ups are an important part of a tai chi practice. They allow you to focus on specific applications or energy flows.
Tai Chi Essentials: Learn Tai Chi
Strategies to learn tai chi can make your tai chi practice more fun and more effective. Read about some different strategies to learn tai chi.
Tai Chi Essentials: Your Tai Chi Workout
Read how to get the most out of your tai chi workout.. Structure it with warm up exercises, set repetitions, and closing.
Tai Chi Essentials: Tai Chi Videos
Use tai chi videos to enhance your tai chi practice.
Tai Chi Essentials: Tai Chi Classes
Tai chi classes are a great way to learn tai chi. You'll have the knowledge of the instructor, the structure of a class, and the support of your classmates.