Beginners Tai Chi: A Site For Those With A Beginners Mind

Traditionally in China, anyone studying tai chi was considered a beginner if they had practiced for less than 10 years.

This website takes a different, not-so-traditional perspective. It’s designed for individuals who:

Are simply curious about tai chi. Maybe you’ve seen groups practicing in the park, and are wondering—What is tai chi? Why is it done so slowly? Find the answer to these and other commonly asked questions about tai chi.

Are considering enrolling in their first tai chi class. Maybe you’re sitting on the fence about signing up. Would a tai chi class be worthwhile or would another pursuit, such as yoga or kung fu, be a better fit? Why learn tai chi at all? Read about the benefits of a tai chi practice.

Have studied tai chi for a year or less. Hopefully, you’ll find this website offers ways to deepen your tai chi practice and to tailor it to your needs and goals. Some are drawn to the martial arts aspect while others may want to focus on the health benefits. Read about the different benefits and practice strategies for achieving these.

In a class, its easy to focus on learning tai chi movements, without leaving much time to delve into the history, philosophy, and other aspects of this art. This website provides information about these facets of tai chi.

It should also provide some insight when making your decision to continue on (or not) with tai chi. Although of course, we’re hoping you’ll choose to remain with the over 200,000,000 active tai chi practitioners in the world.

Finally, this website is designed for everyone with a beginners mind for tai chi. Circling back to review fundamentals and being open to seeing them in a new way is always a good approach for deepening one’s understanding and appreciation of tai chi.

Wherever you are in your tai chi journey, we hope this site will help to inspire your tai chi practice.

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